Lease Information

We run all lower 48 states and Canada.  Single operators will run primarily Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, all states east of there, and occasionally to the West Coast.

 There is no charge for the following:

  • Base license plate which will be apportioned for our operating area.
  • All fuel permits for our operating area.
  • Fuel tax reporting.
  • Dry vans:  48’ and 53’.
  • Satellite Communication System.
  • Spouse rider program.
  • Direct Deposit.
  • Membership with Alabama Telco Credit Union is available to all lease operators after lease agreement is signed.  All credit union privileges are available to each member.

We offer:

  • All dispatched miles paid at 93.5 cents per mile plus fuel surcharge.
  • Single drivers run 2800 to 3000 miles per week.
  • No escrow or up-front money.
  • Weekly settlement period ends on Sunday and money in the mail by Wednesday.
  • Physical damage insurance at group rate (rates are available upon request from insurance carrier – Buck Baxter Agency @ 334-266-5800 or 1-800-873-8494.
  • Group health insurance is available to all lease operators the first of the month following 60 days employment.
  • Dental, Disability, Term Life, and Vision insurance coverage is available the first of the month following 30 days employment.  Rates are available through Wiley Sanders Truck Lines Insurance Dept.
  • Bobtail liability ( $1,000,000 ) is available through us for $32.00 per month.
  • Home every two weeks or less.
  • Fuel at our cost with no transactions fees.
  • Road tires and tire service through national account program.

Driver Furnishes:

  • Late model equipment
      • Acceptable in appearance
      • Meets or exceeds all Federal Motor Carrier Safety standards
      • Vehicles gross weight including fuel & driver not to exceed 19,000
      • 5th wheel height 48” or less
      • Maximum height of vehicle or any part of vehicle not to exceed 13’ 6”
      • Maintenance standards to meet or exceed WSTL standards for Lease Operators
      • Copies of all inspections, maintenance records and repairs done to your equipment while leased to Wiley Sanders Truck Lines
  • Federal Heavy Use Tax Form 2290.
  • Any property and third structure taxes associated with vehicle.
  • All tractor maintenance, tolls, and weight tickets (copies of these records must be submitted to the Log Office of Wiley Sanders Truck Lines, Inc.).
  • Lease operators will be responsible for each instance of damage to Wiley Sanders Truck Lines equipment and  / or cargo caused by the lease operator or his operator, not to exceed $1,000.00 total.
  • Lease operators will be responsible for furnishing its own Worker’s Compensation insurance coverage for themselves and any of their drivers.