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Wiley Sanders drivers

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You drive the success of Wiley Sanders. You can take pride in what you do, because you put pride into everything you do, every day.

With this driver portal, you can count on Wiley Sanders to provide the tools and information you need to keep being the best in the business.

Here you’ll find the latest news of what’s happening across Wiley Sanders Truck Lines. You’ll also find valuable information on how to keep safe out there on the road. Those who’ve gone the extra mile and stayed safe doing it deserve extra recognition, so you’ll see their names here, too.

You help make our company better. We value your opinion, and we encourage you to use this portal to leave feedback.

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from the road

We want to see the road from your perspective! This is the place to see and share stories from around our amazing country.

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Stay informed out there on the road with what’s going on back home. Here’s the latest news from Wiley Sanders Truck Lines.

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We want you safe out there! Learn more about our programs and watch videos on driver safety.

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If I receive my paycheck on my fuel card how can I access my money?

Call 1-800-741-6060 and set up a 4 digit pin code. Use an ATM and press the checking option to remove money from your card. Or write your card number on a check where it says “card number or express code”, then register the check for the amount you want to remove.

How do I get a new fuel card?

Fuel cards are assigned in the finance office. We no longer order replacement cards.

Where can I pick up my check stubs?

Pick up driver check stubs in the finance office. We do not mail stubs unless you drive a lime or cement truck.

How do I change my w-4 withholdings?

Please print and fill out this W4 form and return it to us. W4 Form You can: Scan/Email to payroll@wsanders.com or Fax (334)-566-8310 or Mail: Wiley Sanders Truck Lines, Inc. ATTN: PAYROLL P.O. Drawer 707 Troy, AL 36081

What macro do I use to check my payroll?

You send Macro 9 from the onboard computer to request payroll info. You’ll receive back Macro 59 Payroll Information. (Delete the message after reading it.)

What do I do if I receive a citation on the road?

DOT regulations requires CDL drivers to notify your employer of any violation other than parking you receive while operating any type of motor vehicle, personal or company vehicle. We request you turn into safety a copy of the citation. Refer to Driver’s Hand Book “Reporting Violations & Citations” section.

How do I get reimbursed for these expenses?

Turn all receipts in to the finance dept. or mail them in a log envelope (separate from your logs). Or bring them directly to the finance office. After hours, the door is never locked, so you can slide them under the glass.

What expenses can I get reimbursed for?

Scale tickets (top copies), tolls, faxes, authorized motel rooms, approved truck repairs/supplies (washer fluid, load locks, etc.).
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