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Wiley Sanders


Honesty, integrity, and honor aren’t just words. They’re a way of life at Wiley Sanders Truck Lines. When we say we’ll do it, you can count on it being done…and done right.

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It was 1959. One Man.
One Truck.
Wiley Sanders.

Ever since Wiley Sanders stepped up into his first cab, we’ve continually stepped up operations. We’ve stayed out front as industry leaders.

We pride ourselves on training and performance. That’s especially true of our drivers. Plus, we ensure their trucks are among the newest, safest, best-equipped on the road.

We’ve earned a reputation for reliability, on-time delivery, flexibility and a “can do” approach. This keeps our company at the forefront of technology.

Wiley Sanders was one of the first trucking lines to implement electronic logging. This was long before it became a government requirement. Our Expert Fuel software provides suggestions at our fuel stations. Our Trip Alerts make swapping loads more efficient for drivers on the go.

Wiley Sanders

Always Moving Forward

Today, Wiley Sanders offers our drivers and our customers the benefits you get from a large company. At the same time, we offer all the friendly relationships, understanding, and one-on-one interaction you’d expect from a much smaller one.

While we’re proud of how far we’ve come in six decades, ask our drivers: We’re just getting started.

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